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    Cleaning ServicePrice
    2 Seater Sofa£29
    3 Seater Sofa£44
    4 Seater Sofa£59
    Corner Sofa£49
    Dining Chair£7
    Single Mattress£18
    Double Mattress£25
    King Size£35

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  • Note: Minimum Order £49

  • Furniture cleaning London. Fabric upholstery cleaning. Treatment and removal of stains from coffee, eggs and others. Fresh de odors. Its smells like cherries.

    Surely you like to sit on the couch in the living room after a tiring day at work and have a drink in your hand while watching the news, an interesting series or talking to your partner? And did you know that the daily use of furniture in your home leads to a constant accumulation of dirt and dust deep in the fabric? How to deal with the problems? With the professional washing of upholstered furniture from ” Carpet cleaning services LTD” of course!

    Furniture Cleaning

    Why choose us?

    1. Your upholstered furniture will be washed by experience and reliable cleaners, proven professionals in the field of home cleaning.
    2. We use innovative American developments for cleaning upholstery and various types of fabrics – of natural and artificial origin.
    3. Your health is paramount to us. That is why we work with eco – friendly products that are completely safe for you and you family.
    4. You can call us for laundry from today to today, late in the evening or on Saturday and Sunday without making the service for the whole of London even more expensive!
    5. You will receive the high quality service you paid for. We do not cheat with additional fees and costs! First we negotiate and then we clean.