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    If we have to be honest with ourselves, washing the car seats is our last concern. We change oil, pads, filters, but we don’t even think about washing the upholstery. Many of us spend much of our daily lives in the car. In the car we eat, drink coffee, soft drinks, and then just knock the seats or the insole.

    Cars cleaning

    How do we wash car seats?

    First step – the interior of the car is inspected for stains or areas with heavier dirt. So that they can be sprayed with the appropriate detergent depending on the stain.

    Second step – The stain or the more contaminated area is treated with a soft bristle brush and the product is left to act.

    Third step – this is the moment when you start washing the car’s upholstery. Washing, which is better known by the method of spray extraction. This way of washing is the most efficient, because under strong pressure a detergent is injected and at the same time the already decomposed garbage is sucked out, which is sealed in the upholstery.

    Fourth step – after the team of professionals have finished washing the car’s upholstery. Clean the dashboard of the car with a special detergent.

    Fifth step – flavoring of your choice!