• Carpet Cleaning

  • All prices for carpet cleaning we offer have a 30% discount include.

  • Carpet Cleaning Prices

    Single Bedrrom£19
    Double Bedrrom£24
    Dining Room£24
    Living Room (from)£29
    Lounge (from)£29
    Commercial£2 per sq. m.
    Hallway (from)£10
    Landing (from)£7
    Stairs£2 per step

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  • Note: Minimum charge £49

  • Cleaning in Chingford soft flooring in the home is definitely subject to daily pollution. They should be thoroughly cleaned several times a year. It is best to outsource this to a professional cleaning company. In the meantime, you can clean the carpet at home.

    Carpet Cleaning
    Extraction Steam

    This is convenient and not as difficult as you will see from our tips. Some of them, tested over the decades and applied by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, who cleaned everything on the spot, are especially recommended. Take good choice for your carpet or rug.

    Some of the most serious and large-scale cleaning activities of homes are carried out in the summer or spring. These are the main seasons of the year in which people spend time and attention cleaning and washing carpets in the home. Our company for cleaning homes in London, offering you a high level of professionalism and brilliant results. We are ready to provide you with perfectly clean. That will return to its original color – clean and refreshed to perfection.

    For the ”carpet washing” service we use equipment that is completely professional and belongs to some of the most established brands in our country and around the world. The detergents involved in the washing process are environmentally friendly and harmless. They will not only eliminate all germs, but will also give any flooring a scent that you can feel for months to come.